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Husqvarna Viking 5 X 7 Design Hoop

This is a much requested 130 x 180mm hoop that fits all Husqvarna Viking Designer Series machines to embroider the many wonderful 5" x 7" embroidery deisgns available. Package also includes clips and template. Plus has 3 FREE 5" x 7" embroidery designs on


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Husqvarna Viking Do All Quilter's Hoop

New multi-functional Hoop is for embroidery on light and heavy fabrics, including embroidery through batting. The Do All Quilters Hoop includes one outer and 2 different types of inner hoops.


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HV 200 x 200 Quilter's Hoop

The 200mm x 200mm(8" x 8")Quilter’s Hoop provides a large square area, perfect for stitching embroidery designs within quilt blocks.

Price:     $ 175.00


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HV Texture Hoop 150mm x 150mm

Your Texture Hoop is the perfect tool when you want to make unique embellishments on your quilts, sewing projects and garments.